Printing school ID cards - A case study


Without the use of a School ID Card, the challenges to identify, capture attendance, and safely deal with internal payments can become problematic to any school administration.

Digital ID Technologies continually see the need for School ID Cards.

Mostly, when a school makes contact with Digital ID Technologies, we identify school requirements as an urgency to solve three main challenges:

1. Identify the learner.

2. Time and Attendance reporting.

3. Opportunities to have the learner use an ID card as cash.

But, even more, the lack of an ID card for school children creates a problem in the case of an emergency. Children can be found running, playing with friends, and attending classes. If the learner is injured, identification with relevant information is a major necessity.

Identify the learner

Who is that kid? Why is he here? What is your name? Where is your class? Who are your parents?

The questions echo true with anyone who works at a school. Kids hopping along to the next class and commotion turns to confusion. The challenge to identify if the learner is registered at the school comes with more quizzing around when you eventually find out that he/she is not with the school. What can possibly be the motive of that learner being there? Sounds crazy, but it happens more than we think.

Time and Attendance reporting

The days of ticking off paper attendance registers are still among us, but mostly ineffective. They get lost, manipulated and will show inaccurate results. More than this, it is a slow process which leads to negligence.

Opportunities to have the learner use the card as cash

More and more schools, especially in the private sector, are converting cash-to-card. Cash on a school terrain has always proved to be troublesome. Kids lose money. Theft stays consistent. Some cases show that cash is used to buy narcotics. The list of trouble continues…


Digital ID Technologies understands the need for School ID Cards. ID cards need to be proactive and relevant to solving the problems that are faced by school staff on a daily basis.

With the latest HID Fargo ID card printer range, it is easy to produce an ID card that will provide the solution for identification, time and attendance, and cashless solutions.

Now you can print the learner’s photo, name, class, teacher, doctors information, special needs, emergency numbers, medical aid details etc., all on one card. Go cashless with a re-writable and security encrypted chip that links the learner’s money directly to the card without the involvement of cash.

Time and attendance can be achieved by ultra-high-frequency cards, or cost-effective tagging technology (NFC). Combined with a Time & attendance system, this solution brings accurate and live reporting you can trust.

Our card printers produce a complete printed card and offer encoding options that can write information on the embedded chip. Alternative reading technology is available by simply adding it to the card template.

I have attached a success story conducted in the US that helped a major school with processing fast and effective School ID Cards.

Digital ID Technologies is a call away to assist you with your needs regarding effective ID card printing.

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